Electrical Motor Repairs

Repairing an electric motor is often the only solution where replacement motors are not available or where the faulty motor is of a specialist design or type.

SBT offer a full rewind service for all AC and DC motors, new bearings are fitted, armatures can be skimmed and undercut, field coils and inter-poles can be re-leaded and brush gear renewed, therefore ensuring many more years of reliable service.

Additionally, SBT specialist engineers are able to test electronic control systems, diagnose faults and effect repairs as required.

Electrical Service Includes:

  • Fully certified engineers
  • Load testing
  • Core testing
  • Armature testing
  • Field testing
  • AC motor rewind
  • DC motor rewind
  • Varnishing stators & rotors
  • Shimming & undercutting commutators
  • Wash & stove windings

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