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Why Should I Apply?

SBT trade accounts offer endless benefits - From Ordering Quicker, To Consolidating Admin, we are here to make your life easier! Benefits Include:

Pay Monthly via Invoice

Access to our In-House Delivery Service for FREE

24/7 Callout Availability

Track orders using Purchase Orders (PO No.)

Competitive Rates & Price Matching Available

Premium Order Processing & Delivery Times


Trade Account Application

Benefits & Requirements

Trade Account Not Accepted? Heres Why:

There can be many reasons SBT may choose to deny you a credit account. If we do, not all is lost! We usually explain the issues on our response, but here is a guide you can follow to avoid being ineligible for your SBT credit account:

SBT can and will offer Trade and Business accounts to anybody who is eligible - If your application is rejected, you will receive an E-Mail explaining the reasoning for this. The data input on the form above is for business use only, and will be stored accordingly to the UK GDP Regulations - Please allow up to 7 working days for our response, although our response time is usually a lot quicker than this.

Please note: We can only offer accounts to clients based in the UK, with a suitable delivery address within the United Kingdom. Please contact us using the General Enquiries form, or another method provided to apply for a trade account if in Ireland or Wales.

Disclaimer: All business and trade account terms will differ depending on the client. SBT own the right to change information, pricing or rates on your trade account. Rates fluctuate and depend on several factors determined within SBT.

To dicuss account rates further, please contact us.